17 March, 2014

Lily Gatins Interview with Jorge Ayala during Paris Fashion Week

Warm Thanks to Le Report Founder and Director Lily Gatins for her interview during Paris Fashion Week, click here.
What came first, buildings or garments?
The more I think about it, the more I feel it was a parallel process. A few fundamental encounters while I was a studying architecture in Paris made my mindset change drastically. One of them, was when I visited the archives of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, museum with whom I have a partnership since 2011 with my fashion/architecture school www.aatelier.org
But the main one was when I meet Gerard Lognon at his own atelier in 2003. I wanted to know more about the métier of pleating fabrics. Later on that year, I became an intern in his studio in Place Vendome and we ended up becoming very close friends. Today, even though Monsieur Lognon retired already, I produce all my 3dimensional pleated fabrics at Atelier Lognon, purchased recently by the Chanel Group.
As per today, when I see my silhouettes I see architecture, it’s all about matter, volume, wholeness and precision.
What are the means of art in your opinion? 
I think art is meant to disturb, disturb reality while avoiding comfort zones. I can think of buildings that have this quality, all Coop Himmelb(l)au early works and latest built work in China are mind blowing to me. I think only a genius can master such spatial mess! In the actual world of art, I am fascinated by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, I don’t know him personally, but I would love one day to collaborate with him on a fashion project.
What is  your worst craving?
Tacos estilo D.F.
What’s your favorite thing to do or go in Paris?
I have a bunch of favorite places to hang out, but I really like spending 24/7 in my atelier in downtown Paris. I tend to think about my own universe as a resourceful milieu, and thus, I spend all my time producing: toiling, digital and physical models, all scales of design, between collections of architecture books.
If you can fuse an architect and a designer, who will they be?
I know many talented people that I admire. Many of my former acquintances at the Architectural Association have a rising carriers in the fields of urbanism, cities futur ground, and architecture obviously. On the fashion side, I am a greatest admirer of Rick Owens, whom I can imagine designing a whole building.
Any upcoming projects?
Simply to keep growing up from a thick and consistent process, attempting for a redefinition of clothing design towards a new brand of transdisciplinarity.
Where is home and happiness?
Paris for both.
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