16 March, 2012

POST McQUEEN EMBRYOS | La Haute (Cul)ture

19 - 30 March | Spring 2012
111 rue de Rivoli, Paris, France
Jorge Ayala, Director
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:haute (cul)ture_ by Isaïe Bloch
There is not a craft which lost its original knowledge due to technical progress. Instead, they all evolved, enlarged their skills and possibilities, nourishing contemporary standards and strive towards future improvement. 
Isaïe Bloch
Industrial and social changes evolved rapidly during last century. Today, all industries and creative sectors changed drastically due to a larger set of new materials, tools, uses, customers’ demands, production techniques, mass consumption, mass customization, computational design, perception, better social awareness, sexual equality, and so forth.
This phenomenon did not only occur in commercial goods but also in all forms of artistic expression as fine arts, music, cuisine, fashion, arts plastiques, literature, performing arts, architecture, jewelery, photography… but not in couture.
This highlights the fact, that haute couture is neither multidisciplinary nor up-to-date with contemporary design techniques and on top of that, sticking to a set of absurd technical rules as: the pursue of getting the haute couture accreditation, supposedly to protect couturier’s craftsmanship to avoid the potential lost of the metier.

Anno 2012, we are back at the start: 

What happened? 
Where is the flamboyance of previous decades?  
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