20 August, 2011

FAV Projects Review- Veritas University 2011

Warm Thanks to the ensemble of the Universidad Veritas Faculty:

Juan Carlos Sanabria- School Director,

Ronald Sasso- School Chairman,

Oscar Pamio- School Dean,

Carlos Umaña Gambassi, Alejandra Brenes, David Valverde, Adrian Aguilar, Esteban Castro,

Patricia, Melissa and Susana (my apologies if I forgot anyone)

Juan Carlos's team, faculty, journalists, students and all of us have the greatest responsibility on building up a novel Architectural Discourse for Costa Rica today.

All the students' works presented here share the Veritas Uni knowledge taking the leap forward within Architectural Education in Latin America.

Taller Integrado 1
David Valverde and Mauricio Rodriguez Unit
Carlos Umaña and Esteban Castro Unit
Carlos Umaña and Juan Carlos Sanabria Unit
Adrian Aguilar Unit
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