07 May, 2011

Plasma Studio/ Groundlab premiering the brand new

Plasma Studio and Groundlab premiering the brand new, the forward-thinking, the sexy!

... rewarding late-night hours of hard work and
dreaming of papagayos
Chang-Ba Flower Valley
Guangyun Entrance
Creativity Pavilion

'Flowing Gardens', the 37 ha central part of Xi'an Expo was won in 2009 an international competition by Plasma Studio and GroundLab with LAUR Studio (Beijing) and implemented alongside Bejing Forestry University, BIAD (Beijing), John Martin Associates (Los Angeles) and Arup (London) during a total timeframe of only two years.
The proposal distinguished itself as a choreography of flows and experiences within a dynamic and sustainable landscape and three iconic yet fully integrated buildings.

-The Guangyun Entrance has been conceived as a landbridge with a tensegrity trellice structure that will gradually become overgrown by greenery.
- After the bridge, Flowing Gardens’ Chang-Ba Flower Valley has been inspired by a river delta unfolds into many sinuous paths, creating a network for intermingling circulation, landscape and water.
-The Creativity Pavilion articulates the intertwining of this artificial landscape with the lake. It extends as three fingers cantilevering on top of the lake with landscape running in between and carrying visitors towards the shore and enjoying framed views across.
-On the other side of the lake, the Greenhouse has been submerged into the hillside as a precious crystal.

By leaving behind the obvious typological and historical references to Xi'an's past, this project is seeking a contemporary authentic expression of China's current and future ambitions, adding an entirely new layer to the Millenial tapestry of Xi'an. By the same token, Flowing Gardens explores a new syncretic balance between urbanism and landscape with universal relevance. The traditional subordination of ground and landscape by buildings has been reversed to offer a unique symbiotic experience.

International Competition: 1. Prize, 2009
Project: 2009-2011
Opening: April 28th 2011
Completion: March 2011

Client: Chan-Ba Ecological District
Architecture: Plasma Studio, BIAD
Landscape Design: GroundLab, LAUR Studio, Beijing Forestry University
Engineers: John Martin and Associates, Arup

For more information contact Mr. Federico Ruberto at mail@plasmastudio.com

Photographs by Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

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