03 April, 2011

AA School Paris | Final Presentation @ Studio Marc Fornes

Warm Thanks to our Final Jury Panel:
Philippe Morel- Principal at EZCT Architecture & Design Research
Brendan MacFarlane- Principal at Jakob+Macfarlane
Maria Martinez- Researcher
Moe Ekapob- Principal of AND Design

Marc Fornes- Principal at THEVERYMANY
Christoph Eppacher- Principal at CEPP Research Platform
FAAshion Clothing Design at Marc Studio
Setting up the collection
Introduction by Marc
Margarita's clothing designs presentation
Marysol explaining her garments
Ana's team presentation
Claudio and Andrea Men's wear designs
Marco Verde, Jury at AA Visiting School Final Panel
Photos: Bryce Davesne
To know more about AA School Paris click here.

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