26 April, 2011

No. 1 S / S 2011 _ the AA School Paris Report

The AA School Paris Report No. 1 covers all the activities, from participants, faculty and stakers at AA Visiting School Paris Spring 2011, launching a selection of projects from Spring 2011-

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the Paris Experience
the Studios
the Lecture Series

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22 April, 2011

RIBA President's Medals Award 2011

Jorge Ayala is invited to join the judging panel for the RIBA President's Medal Award, to be held in London this year.
The aim of these prestigious awards is to promote excellence in the study of architecture, to reward talent and to encourage architectural debate worldwide. Widely regarded as the best architectural education awards in the world, students aspire each year to be selected by their school to enter for the medals and for the opportunity for their work to be recognised and publicly exhibited.
The oldest and most influential architectural institution in the world, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) reaches a world-wide audience of individuals and organisations interested in the development of architecture, design and the built environment. The RIBA has over 43,000 members internationally.

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19 April, 2011

14 April, 2011

MEXICO sur France 5

Jorge est un architecte qui partage son temps entre Paris et Mexico, il attend Jérôme dans le quartier de Santa Fe.

Ensemble, ils vont se rendre compte de la démesure architecturale vue d’en bas et partent à la découverte de bâtiments à l’architecture avant-gardiste, comme la Lavadora, une machine à laver géante construite sur une ancienne décharge de la ville.

Après les quartiers modernes, Jorge propose un plongeon dans le passé, avec la place des Trois Cultures, qui réunit plusieurs siècles d’histoire.

Dans le centre historique de Xochimilco, connu pour avoir conservé une vie de village à l’écart du bouillonnement du centre-ville, Jérôme et Jorge déambulent entre les maisons typiques et la place du marché, où affluent les marchandises. C’est un moment privilégié pour évoquer les fondements de la ville de Mexico : une île construite sur une zone lacustre. Que reste-t-il aujourd’hui de ce vestige aztèque ?
Plaza de las Tres Culturas with Jorge and Jerome Pitorin to kickstart
central Mexico City
emerging residential and cultural-venues visit
Mexican star-architect Fernando Romero's latest construction
on helicopter towards Dubai-like Sante Fe
interviewed while caught by corrupted policemen who wanted to boycot the shooting
Central Mexico City by helicopter
and shantytowns
tasting Mexican junk food on the streets
Carmen Gomez- inhabitant of Municipio Neza
Jerome Pitorin and Jorge on the recently-opened public transport
the hills
Jerome and Jorge walking on Avenue Reforma heading to Xochimilco
at fascinating Xochimilco floating gardens
assessing and concluding on a trajinera boat
Jerome Pitorin and Jorge Ayala
Warm Thanks to France 5 for inviting me to participate on this TV documentary.
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13 April, 2011

Fabulous Blog

Jorge Ayala interviewed by New York-based Rana Mumtaz, from FABLOGUE
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Tell us a little about AA School of Architecture and your present Role

The Architectural Association has offered me the opportunity to get started with this new programme in Paris- city where I spent most of the time. Christopher Pierce who leads the AA Global Schools Programme allowed this exchange to happen while pointing at an interest to grow up the AA within Europe. Somehow we both felt that the European Continent still holds a myriad of options for theoretical research and thick new research-based studios.

Also, on the last years the AA School has known an expansion in all continents and among them some countries have become really interesting places to study at the AA, like China. We thoroughly believe Paris could channel such interests linking different design scales, approaches and parallel disciplines.

How did you conceive the idea of FAAshion

It was when I saw the last pair of shoes designed by Alexander Fielden that I got the idea to open this programme! (laughters) I am joking!

Today, there is non academic institution trying to push forward on the long term both parallel disciplines –Fashion and Architecture- towards same directions. On the other side, at the beginning for AA School of Architecture it really represented a challenge to be able to generate an audience in Paris, geographically and culturally speaking very close to London. The Fashion Industry came as an opportunity to create a thick topic for our Parisian agendas.

When one thinks about Paris, one thinks about fashion and the thousands of billions that are invested on it, renewing such efforts season after season. Thus, our goal became to challenge all architectural expressions within fashion: from catwalks to retail, from pop up stores to apparel new typologies, going to clothing design too.

What do you see the program that you are developing will be morphing into in the future

As a new discipline: Fashion Architecture, having a field of expression and repercussions within the practice.

In today’s society, many consumers are hungry for greater meaning in their lives. Therefore big global brands of mass production need to address the anxieties of such costumer identities. To that extend, clothing design get ‘sort of democratized’. Due to this many fashion-design courses start to focus on cost-cutting strategies, fast-moving business, global goods, retail sections and commercial products. Within our design course we seek to prototype spatial apparel logics that stage sharp, raw, urban, experimental and alien couture forms.

As we speak, I am getting in contact with some American designers based between New York and Paris whom interests meet ours. Also, a series of academic institutions –elsewhere than France- have shown their support and will of joining this adventure.

Tell us a little about the recent exhibit in Paris and how it culminated and do you plan to hold such exhibits in other cities as well

The final show was amazing. The 40 students we had joining this first season were really proactive and wanted to have their word to say within such emerging topics. We manage to present a decent amount of digitally-design garments, new typologies for retail stores and experimental catwalks too.

And yes of course! We want to go wider. I have received an invitation to run our fashion architecture programme in Barcelona. We look forward to this, especially when cities like Barcelona, Los Angeles or Doha had turn to become leading locations for fashion and architectural novelty.

What are some of the thoughts that you would like to share with students who may want to apply to your program

On the feedback received from the first alumni, we all agree that many of the topics we raised during the first season are far for been concluded yet, they have so much potential for development (in theory and in practice).

Always keeping an eye in the reality, I believe fashion is such a deep social catalyst now at days we all can learn about. I am glad slowly but surely Architects start to look at the temporality of fashion as a source for architectural means.

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12 April, 2011

AA Paris School | Bodily Interarticulations I

Nicolas Pajerski/ Yinghao Lin


Jorge Ayala (Mexico) / Christoph Eppacher (Austria)

Brice Maurin (France) / Mario Saenz (USA)

Guest Critics:
Alexandra Verschueren (Belgium) / Moe Ekapob (Thailand) / Philippe Morel (France) / Brendan MacFarlane (USA) / Maria Martinez (Spain)

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