19 February, 2011

Stalking Tijuana Workshop| La Casa del Tunel

Warm Thanks to La Casa del Tunel- former Narco house with an illegal narcotunnel underneath- for hosting Stalking Tijuana Workshop grande finale and expo.

La Casa del Tunel has for mission to create, trough the arts, a new model for sustainable cultural development at the US/Mexico Border region.

The two most important cultural issues facing the border are environmental and security challenges. Culture is also a major element of border life. Arguably, the most significant cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico is happening in the Tijuana/San Diego/Los Angeles border region. Tijuana has increased its visibility as an art town. The TJ art community's relationship with the Cities in Southern California further nurtures the art scene of the region.

To know more about La Casa del Tunel click here.

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