03 February, 2011

Highlights, [Ay]A Studio talk at University of Toronto

Ay_A Studio explores informal/intangible parameters in order to innovate. These innovations are not limited to the architectural form but also the capacity to use collective efforts, the functionality and accessibility of networks of distribution (input/output), economy, self-sustainability, and in general, a large capacity to evolve or be adapted topographically, operatively, and environmentally. At the same time, Ay_A's academic research has sought to oppose the traditional urbanism through perspective views, visual effects, or certain notions of the past. Confronting this conformism, the studio seeks to develop large scale systems through ground organisational strategies. Ay_A uses tactics such as manipulating the ground, utilizing data processed mappings and indexing, and territorial strategies, to create both theoretical and professional projects that generate a wider spectrum within the emerging field of landscape and urbanism.

Warm Thanks to Aziza Chaouni, University of Toronto for this warm invitation.
To know more about University of Toronto, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design Lectures click here.

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