09 January, 2011

France Télévisions TV Series| Mexico City Documentary

Starting from January 4 2011- France Télévisions Channel began shooting in Mexico, a TV documentary about what one of the largest human concentrations in the world has become today: Mexico City urban agglomeration.
The 7-day show focuses on more than 30 contrasted realities currently embracing the former aztec capital, such as: the pursue for architectural branding, the valley’s ecological turmoil, shantytowns upgraded to municipal status, mega-uban programs, but also: interviewing intellectual elites, proactive religious extreme backers, wealthy upcoming Mexican entrepreneurs versus low-income youngsters couples, homosexual rights and gay marriage, illegal merchandise traffic, among others.

Jorge Ayala/ [Ay]A Studio has been invited to participate within this exciting TV series. Stay tuned.

Photos: Jorge Ayala
To know more about this documentary click here.

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