20 July, 2010

Growing Up Landscape Urbanism

Landscape Urbanism Paris 02 will challenge the contemporary absence of interarticulated processes within the practice of architecture now at days.
This upcoming semester we will be committed to a rigorous exploration of new methods, fostered by an interest with data processing and formal exploration of the grounds.

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08 July, 2010

Landscape Urbanism at La Galerie d’Architecture de Paris

Landscape Urbanism_Paris Dynamics Exhibition was held at La Galerie d'Architecture de Paris featuring selected works from ESA School of Architecture students. The exhibition brought out parisian architectural audience, intrigued by the processes of production from the Landscape Urbanism language.

The Landscape Urbanism exhibition, curated by Gian Mauro Maurizio and coordinated by Jorge Ayala, showed off last semester projects, cohered through drawings, diagrams and 3dymensional digital models.

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