25 June, 2010

Ordos 20+10_ the project

We propose that our two sites are connected through the extension between the pathways that may run across the roads and plot in between to make a strong and radical statement.

We propose the use of glass slots to bring light into the car parking and many cuts that connect pedestrian movement between the upper and lower layers. Mounts appear to support the buildings and hide a plethora of underground programmers. In this way nothing spoils the sculptural composition of groundscape and buildings.

The paths themselves are forming a tessellated mesh that enables multiple choices of routes. Walking along them, the visitor experiences the building facades from closed towards fully transparent.

In order to facilitate proper insulation at such extreme temperature differences we opted for a complete separation of inside and outside, avoiding any structural transversals. This was the main reason for having separate layers for structure (inside) and shading elements (outside). Due to Ordos’ high level of sun exposure, shading is essential to keep heat gain in summer under control and at the same time control the amount of glare in order to make for great working spaces.

We devised the exterior fa├žade pattern through intensive use of Ecotec environmental analysis software. The facades adapt to their own position/ angle towards the sun while taking into account local differences such as other buildings in front providing shading.

Shading is also important for the voids.

Architecturally these bands originate as lines in the landscape, and then run along the slots that lead the visitors/ flaneurs inside the buildings’ internal void space where they creep up and spiral around the void to then spill over the roof. The roof is thus expressed as the continuation of the landscape with multiple folds and glazed areas, rendering the top floors into very special areas.

We like to think of our buildings for Ordos as part of the ground. Translating horizontal flows into vertical ones. Their metabolic system and structural system running in parallel enable the treelike spreading of those flows and forces. Yet ultimately the system transforms into an artificial rational box with mere reverberences of the organic underlying organization.
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