14 May, 2010

Prototypical Gennevilliers

Edouard Molinari develops a prototypical urban fabric for Gennevilliers (Hauts de Seine) having as main strategy to tackle the social housing issue, one of the biggest realities the Greater Paris region faces up to date.

Gennevilliers represents also one of the 4 biggest trade harbours in regional Paris, today lacking an overall masterplan responding to urgent demands like carriage, transport and dwellings.

Based on the low density ratios of Gennevillers context, Edouard proliferate a mesh within the residual space and terrains vagues left over after the Industrial Era.

Enhancing its land value, this hexagonal spatial organization acquires depth and thickness proposing new typologies for housing, leisure, public venues and tourism.
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Geoffroy said...

Ah c est très beau et impressionant!