31 May, 2010

LU_ESA/ Final Presentation Highlights

Designing Soil-in, Nicolas Grillet

(re) Cycles urbains, Julie Bouccara

Virtual Networks Urbanism, Constantinos Caropoulos, Anna Philippou, Dimitra Papageorgiou

Urbanisme (r)Evolutionaire, Emmanuel Etienne

Connecting Skins, Charles Guerton

Liquid Urbanism, Ingrid Diaz

Prototypical Gennevilliers, Edouard Molinari

Gate City, Mohamed El Moumni

Photos: Landscape Urbanism_ ESA Archive
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22 May, 2010

Ordos 20+10_ how to stay relevant?

"Local topography sets up a choreography starting high up on the hill where the existing city fabric can be glimpsed and flows down in series of undulating waves.

Our project is developed to craft this choreography -the various buildings as 'stepping stones' that are distributed in a corrugated field of landscape which in turn links them together."

Holger Kehne

Given the fact that the ground is very loose and in many instances needs to be evened out to suit the masterplan, our proposal is using these processes of artificially generated topography further to produce locally specific landscape ripples where the ground itself becomes a device for the organization of flows.

In this way the ground itself operates a multilayered and intense metabolic system whilst offering continuity to the Mongolian undulating landscape. Finally there is no opposition between landscape and buildings. Neither is subordinating the other- they need each other to coexist.

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14 May, 2010

Prototypical Gennevilliers

Edouard Molinari develops a prototypical urban fabric for Gennevilliers (Hauts de Seine) having as main strategy to tackle the social housing issue, one of the biggest realities the Greater Paris region faces up to date.

Gennevilliers represents also one of the 4 biggest trade harbours in regional Paris, today lacking an overall masterplan responding to urgent demands like carriage, transport and dwellings.

Based on the low density ratios of Gennevillers context, Edouard proliferate a mesh within the residual space and terrains vagues left over after the Industrial Era.

Enhancing its land value, this hexagonal spatial organization acquires depth and thickness proposing new typologies for housing, leisure, public venues and tourism.
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11 May, 2010

LU_ESA/ Structural Surfaces

Ingrid Diaz, 13ème Arrondissement/ Charenton
Daisuke Sekine, Aubervilliers
Nicolas Grillet, Dalle de la Défense

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04 May, 2010

Connecting Skins_ Juvisy sur Orge

Charles Guerton started a spatial research within the city of Juvisy (Grand Paris), exploring the lack of connectivity between several existing layers in the city.

By developing a parametric skin, Charles seeks to engage a dialogue between different ground conditions and levels of urban fabric.

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02 May, 2010

LU_ESA/ Meshing Grand Paris

As one of the most important capitals in the world, Grand Paris Agenda has become an alternative platform for the Landscape Urbanism students' projects.

Digitally fabricated models have become the medium to articulate their experimental designs testing them in a spatial manner to the limit.

Belleville, Paris_ Constantinos Caropoulos, Anna Phillipou, Dimitra Papageorgiou

Issy-les-Moulineaux_ Jieum Kim

13ème Arrondissement, Charenton_ Ingrid Diaz

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