01 April, 2010

Xi'an Expo 2011... Cultural Revolution (in detail)

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Will T said...

Jorge – These are amazing pictures. It is funny – in the four years I have been in New York, very little about the city has changed. In the 9 months that I have been away from Xian, there are probably a hundred new buildings, now finished, countless places that have transformed. I can’t wait to get there and see all those changes.

I am especially interested because your blog site here represents the whole range of architectural production – starting with models in paper, 2d sketches, the 3D imaginations of what buildings will look like in context – and most exciting, here: the models come to life in all spatial, social, and temporal dimensions that makes real architecture.

It is a huge project – and that scale is most visible in the construction phase. Once the site is completed, I am sure it will look impressive, but because it will be natural, I do not think the scale of the undertaking will be as clear. I am always fascinated by how monumental sites look under construction.

Thanks for letting us see the process of architecture – which I always find at least as interesting as the product! Looking forward to more.

Will Thomson, NYU

jorge ayala said...

Thanks Will,
Yes indeed, the name of this newly built area is Changba Ecological District. I believe is twice bigger than Dubai in terms of skyscrapers on the go.

Warm Regards,