29 April, 2010

Calich Lagoon Workshop, Landscape Strategies

The two days workshop developed different spatial conditions by exploring material assemblies modelled as responses to the following parameters: diamonding, branching, weaving and twisting.

Local environmental conditions were defined as rules to inform the production of physical models built during the workshop.

Diamonding Strategy: Luca Picciaredda, Alma Maccioni, Antonio Ganga

Branching Strategy: Matteo Agnetti, Caterina Maciocco

Weaving Strategy: Stefania Doro, Danila Pintus, Glauco De Agostini

Twisting Strategy: Luana Gugliotta, Roberta Guido

To know more about the Calich Lagoon Workshop click here.

1 comment:

luana said...

great pictures ...and great works :-)!
thank you very much for the beautiful experience! landscape urbanism is a very interesting discipline to study in depth :-)!
hope to see you in october!