17 April, 2010

Sex and the (leading) City

Sex and the City 2: moving from the early 19th century grid of New Yorkto the development makers of future and generic patterns for Abu Dhabi.

03 April, 2010

Ordos 20+10_ Chinese runway dream 1

Regarding Plasma Studio participation in Inner Mongolia.

Yes, we are currently on this new adventure.

My good friend Andy Bryant (who works with Zhu Pei) was the person who helped me make this happen (I had met the Beijinger Narrower society in a very natural way, introduced by a mutual friend currently working now with Bjarke Ingels at a party or something).

Andy called me while I was in Beijing to propose us to be a part of Ordos Second Act.

The idea of been onto Ordos 20+10 was amazing, that's why I felt encouraged to stay longer in Beijing. I thought my way back to Europe will be more meaningful that way.

Models: Jorge Ayala, Federico Ruberto, Riu Liu

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