20 March, 2009

AA Landscape Urbanism Talk in Paris

Jorge Ayala gave a lecture at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris Malaquais on the 18th March 2009.
The lecture focuses on the temporality and transdisciplinary approach that permeates the work of Landscape Urbanism.

Landscape Urbanism: une discipline émergente pour les métropoles du XXI° siècle, outlined the modes of operation of AALU with regards to its large scale territorial approach, reading of processes and engagement with the context, giving both academic and practice work related to this emerging discipline.

The students raised several questions regarding the theoretical aspects about the AALU as a discipline against the generic and the sameness of our profession, its sociological aspect and representation skills.
The talk served to introduce to the audience the Plasma Studio winning competition entry for the International Horticultural Fair 2011 in Xi'An, China.

Warm Thanks to Philippe Morel/ Christian Girard -départment THP- without whom, this fruitful debate couldn't be possibly done.

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