04 July, 2009

AA Landscape Urbanism Exhibition 2009

Special thanks to AALU students without whom nothing couldn't been possibly done.
Photos: Jorge Ayala
To know more about the AA Landscape Urbanism Discipline click here.


Eulalie said...


I am really interested in urbanism or town planning, and I want to understand what you post.
I certainly won't go there to see the exhibition.

Can you explain to readers, the pictures?
For example ; name, who did it ?, ....

By the way, I want to gather art and urbanism or town planning. That's why I am asking you more information.

Thank you

Elisa or Eulalie

jorge ayala said...

You aim to know what is Landscape Urbanism? or what is this article about? Taught at the Architectural Association, this article belongs to the annual AALU student’s exhibition held in July…

AA Landscape Urbanism est une discipline qui émerge à la fin des années 1990 avec une approche dans laquelle le PAYSAGE et non plus l’architecture, est le moyen pour voir, dessiner et réfléchir à l’environnement urbain,

Pour plus de détail, regardez les textes théoriques ici même, et paysageurbanisme.com, aussi.

Eulalie said...

Merci beaucoup.

Elis or Eulalie