23 January, 2009

Damian Ortega/ Champ de Vision

Champ de Vision (Centre Pompidou, Paris) is an installation that operates as a camera obscura: deploying the principle of fragmentation and spatial dispersion of forms, he allows viewers to experience the very process of perception that link eye to brain.

Born in Mexico City in 1967, Damian Ortega is one of the best-known members of the younger generation of Mexican artists. His sculptures, photographs and installations often make use of "poor" materials, evoking their potential for continuous transformation.

Photos: Jorge Ayala

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05 January, 2009

Luis Barragan Retrospective

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Torres de Satelite, 1957

Capilla de las Capuchinas, 1954-1960

Casa Gilardi, 1975

Casa Barragan, 1947-1948

Photos: Jorge Ayala

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