27 November, 2009

Shanghai 2010, under construction

This inverted pyramid structure -nearly complete- is the China pavilion,
the physical model...

the real one...
From Shanghai's Lupu Bridge, above the Huangpu River, one obtains a complete high-altitude view of the World Expo 2010 site.

You are looking at the largest Expo fairground in the century-and-a-half history of Expos, to be filled with the largest number of confirmed attendees (200 or more countries).

Photos: Jorge Ayala
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25 November, 2009

Memoirs of China. Beijing Intersections

Beijing is -to me- what was Paris a hundred years ago.
The most icon-to-become buildings and structures happen on a daily basis.
The creation of boulevards, highways and hyper connections seems endless.
The construction sites are in every inner-ring space left in the city…
… but, does that justify the destruction of their past?
The city is dominated by each single object.In recent years Beijing skyline has been crowded by landmarks...

Photos: Jorge Ayala
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24 November, 2009

Chinese sentiment, Chapter No. 2

(Back from China, highlights)
My last two days in China before my departure were very quiet.
Fair enough, I think.
I had lunch with Dongyun (our Chinese partner in Beijing) and told him about my love for China (although I knew I would really be the one asking the questions to him!).
If everything goes well I should have to go back in 2010.

…luckily the weather in Paris is good today.




Photos: Jorge Ayala

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13 September, 2009

Networked Territories | Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico

ay_a studio, networked territories (8)

Based on a process of landscape indexing and mapping, the project seeks to tackle the real estate sameness, always related to the development of the so called family-resorts that have proliferated along the Mexican Coasts.

Networked Territories proposes a network of Landscapes, tropical trees and plantations preventing excessive erosion and polluted water infiltration. Diverse plants and species were assigned to respond to different watershed conditions, creating the infrastructure for agriculture, leisure and controlled tourism development.

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