28 July, 2008

Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta is one of the most complex urban systems in Asia; it holds over 40 million people. The PRD Estuary (also known as Lindingyang) is 65 kilometers and its surface area totals 2,110 square kilometers. The average depth of the river estuary is about 9 meters.

The PRD is characterized by an enormous range of production activities, including agriculture, power generation, manufacturing, construction, hill fires and trash burning and the rapidly growing use of motor vehicles. Domestic and industrial wastewater discharges and urban storm water runoff are the main pollution sources within the PRD. As a result of excessive discharge, water bodies lose their natural self cleansing ability.

The amount of wastewater in the Delta has doubled from 1986 to 1994. This deteriorating situation poses a serious threat to area drinking water sources, including the drinking water supply to Hong Kong. Pollution also renders the river system unsuitable for irrigation, aquaculture and potential recreational uses and, by damaging fish breeding grounds, it harms other states that border on the South China Sea.

Drawings : Jorge Ayala
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24 July, 2008

Greg Lynn Lecture

"I'll see it when I know it" was the title for Greg Lynn's Lecture at the Architectural Association on March 11th of this year.
Photos: Jorge Ayala

16 July, 2008

AA Landscape Urbanism Exhibition 2008

Special thanks to Luke Curral, AA Exhibitions Office.
Special thanks also to AA Maintenance Team without whom nothing couldn't been possibly done.
Photos: Jorge Ayala

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12 July, 2008

AA Book, Projects Review 2008, (London, AA Publications, 2008)

Honored to be a part of the Architectural Association Book 2008 ! Now available in London at AA Bookshop, RIBA Bookshop.
In Paris available at Centre Pompidou and le Moniteur Bookshops this summer.
Photos : Jorge Ayala

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06 July, 2008

AA Landscape Urbanism in Shenzhen- Hong Kong

Après quelques jours passés à São Paulo où j'exposais à la Biennale, je quittais le Brésil pour rejoindre Hong Kong où débutait la deuxième édition de la Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.
AA Landscape Urbanism était invité à exposer une rétrospective de ses travaux les plus marquants.
Sous la direction d'Eva Castro et le travail en partenariat avec l'Université de Shenzhen, le pavillon de Landscape Urbanism fut un succès et nous ouvra les portes de la Chine.

Photos: Jorge Ayala
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