21 October, 2008

Ecotransitional Urbanism. Masterplan

To know more about Ecotransitional Urbanism click here.


AAKK said...

Cool~ I like the rendering. The color, texture and light are nice~ Look forward to seeing more your works

AAKK said...

I really feel that rendering landscape is very hard to deal with, especially in rhino. Your rendering looks very cool, is this the common way LU render your projects like this?

jorge ayala said...

Defenitely not! the AALU render palette is more like my previous renders (black and white) and sometimes overlapping linear drawings with a third dimension. Nevertheless, taking on consideration the amount of 2D drawings and analysis that I've produced previously, I defenitely wanted kind of more architectural renders, that by the way, looks more like the Competition won by AALU tutors in Longgang, China, that you certainly know.

Thanks for your passion about my work!!