30 October, 2008

Chinese Skyscrapers


Modernism, as an architectural and urban planning movement, has been in progress since the mid 19th century. Thanks to the inventions of the steel frame and the elevator, men could later build effigies that were as high as their ambitions. After its birth in Chicago, the skyscraper found the perfect setting in cities all over the world.

In the first half of the 1990's China invested much effort and ingenuity in the construction of skyscrapers, which not only challenged the legendary supremacy of the American high-rise, but were also meant to represent the country's new role on the international stage.

Hong Kong

Photos: Jorge Ayala


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des très belles photos. Prises quand?

jorge ayala said...

...les photos ont été prises en Decembre 2007.
Actuellement la tour inachevée (Shanghai World Financial Center) doit être presque finie!!